Janet Perr is an art director, graphic designer, author and illustrator living in New York City.

She has had an extensive career designing record covers, ads, posters, CD packages, and book covers and is now the creator of the charming book Yiddish For Dogs. (Hyperion, Sept. 2007)

Reflecting back to her suburban New Jersey upbringing, Janet comments, "There was not much to do except listen to rock and roll and make art, which led directly to my career as a record cover designer."

The initial inspiration for Yiddish For Dogs was also rooted in her childhood. "I grew up with a very funny father who sprinkled choice Yiddish words and phrases into his everyday language". Now, years later, this love of the language has been rekindled by a very funny boyfriend who knows the difference between a meshuggeneh and a vilda chaya. That, combined with her love of dogs was the driving force behind her debut book. "I put a dunce cap on my dog with the word putz under her, and laughed out loud. I knew I was on to something."

Leaving Tyler School of Art before graduating (and causing her mother to have a fit), Ms. Perr landed her first job as a designer in the art department at CBS Records, then moved on to associate art director of Rolling Stone magazine before starting her own design firm. "It was a great time in New York City then, Studio 54, the Mud Club. Lots of new music and new directions in design were happening. I was also traveling alot, which was a great source of inspiration."

Janet won a Grammy Award for the art direction and design of Cyndi Lauper's debut album She's So Unusual. She has worked with artists such as The Rolling Stones, Run-DMC, and Devo, and her clients include the major record companies and publishing houses. She has also been acknowledged with numerous art directors awards and her work has been featured in the books Designing For Music and 1001 Covers.

Currently, Janet Perr is designing book covers and cd packages and is working on her next book project. She lives with her family in New York City and upstate New York, gets to the beach when ever she can, and continues to have a soft spot in her heart for the canine companions in her life.